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Artifact is a digitally-based, fast-moving, and light production company specializing in developing and producing internet-centric media content.



Welcome from the Producer

My name is Keith Cruickshank. Thanks for stopping by.

Over the years, I’ve sought to fuse work with my interests & passions. That goal has taken me on some surprising journeys. After building and selling a high-tech company in San Diego, I had the chance to tack in a different direction. My thought - I'd combine my tremendous curiosity about the world and people with the revolutionary convergence of computers, image, and sound. The idea - Artifact would share stories about real life, using the latest in digital video & internet technology.

During much of my career, I've been thrilled to work at the crossroads of media, advertising, and technology. Today, we are at a new intersection, where transformative approaches to media creation, delivery, and consumption are possible. It’s an exciting place to be.

Please feel free to drop me a note anytime.


Production Credits

The Hallmark Channel

National Geographic

PBS Affiliate WGCU

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